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Community Based Connections, Inc. (CBCI) was founded in 2009 by Brian C. Johnson on the belief that service providers who have natural ties to the communities they serve are in the best position to help those persons to adopt long term solutions to their own problems. Over the years, our organization’s leadership was either raised in, currently lives in, and/or spent substantial social/community service time in the communities we serve. Therefore, we are in a unique position to build and maintain community connections that support positive youth development.

CBCI considers it important to have this extensive level of engagement from youth because it insulates youth in a support system where his/her thoughts, opinions, and recommendations are equally valued. This is something rarely considered in the foster care system as youth are often removed and shuffled around without consideration of their wants and needs. Additionally, involving youth counters cultural norms, particularly within the Black communities, where children are expected to be “seen and not heard.” CBCI takes every opportunity to encourage youth to become their own advocates and speak up for their own wants and needs. This empowers youth to take ownership over their lives.

Brian C. Johnson, MBA
Brian C. Johnson, MBAFounder
Mike Olbel
Mike OlbelChief Executive Officer


CBCI has consistently yielded the following results across its spectrum of youth and family services:

  • 92% of families served participated in all program activities

  • 100% of parents maintained low levels and/or decreased high levels of parenting stress

  • 97% of families who improved family functioning

  • 100% of families with no verified abuse findings 6 months post program completion

  • 97% of families with no verified abuse findings 12 months post program completion

  • 70% of youth whom improved in school attendance or maintained zero absences

  • 100% of you who showed improvement in school behavioral evaluations or maintained zero external suspensions

  • 98% of youth at risk of juvenile delinquency remained crime free while in the program

  • 98% of youth at risk of juvenile delinquency remained crime free while 6 months post discharge

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