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The current global emergency caused by COVID-19 has disrupted our lives for the foreseeable future. During times of uncertainty and crisis, children and families who are already dealing with daily challenges now face escalating risks without direct access to some of the community support these families might otherwise depend upon. All over our communities, people are afraid, hurting and unsure how to take care of their basic needs in the midst of this crisis.

On any given day, Community Based Connections, Inc. (CBCI) serves more than 500 troubled children and their families throughout Broward County. Many of these children and families come to us struggling with child abuse, neglect, academic underperformance and other difficult circumstances. Now, with the added stress of this crisis, daily living has become an even greater challenge and we want to help!

So far, we have identified approximately 300 priority families who have expressed a need for immediate help with daily essentials such as food, rent, medication and other supplies. To respond to their requests for immediate assistance, we are launching a CBCI Child/Family Resilience Fund. The function of the CBCI Child/Family Resiliency Fund is to solicit public support for our efforts to provide up to $250 per family to help with emergency supplies needed to help them through this crisis.


We need help to serve all of our priority families and others whose needs may become more pressing in the near future. Please make a donation today.

Donate Today!

The CBCI Child/Family Resiliency Fund goes above and beyond support of Community Based Connection, Inc.’s annual campaign, and 100% of all donations to the CBCI Child/Family Resiliency Fund will be used to support those affected by the coronavirus.


We are able to start assisting families immediately because of the existing funding and generous support of the following community partners:


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